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Thank you so much for joining us. I am extremely excited to share a space with you where you are accepted and appreciated. Below you will find out more about our community. We look forward to sharing information with you!

A.S.E. Tools for Intuitives is a collection of books, journals, courses, workshops, lectures, and manuals created by Lulu Eye Love, a Practitioner of Intuitive Coaching and Consulting. Our doors are open to Emerging Intuitives, Entrepreneurial Intuitives, and Senior Intuitives from all walks of life and levels of ascension.

Mission Statement:

  It is with great confidence, integrity, and love that we embrace our responsibility to help you navigate the never-ending process of ascension and spiritual expansion. A.S.E. Tools for Intuitives will provide you with the tools necessary for spiritual growth.

Our #1 Expectation for each person in our community: 

Personal accountability plays a huge role in one's spiritual evolution. It is up to you to do the inner work, and accept the truth about the role you play in every situation.

4 Traits of Our Ideal A.S.E. Clients

​1. Mindful- We work with clients who are seeking spiritual, personal, and financial growth. Our courses are designed to guide you through the process of understanding why you keep experiencing unfavorable results. By practicing mindfulness, you will learn how to utilize our systems, practices, and spiritual success principles to continuously grow and transform.​ 

2. Present- You value mentorship. You appreciate the support and coaching you receive. You are ready to work with a coach, who will show you the path to creating the life you want. Our tools have been designed to help you practice the art of being present in every situation. You accept responsibility for the results you see or don’t see based on your actions, or inactions.

3. Aware- You are confident that we can provide you with the tools necessary to change, and transform your life. You are ready to let go of patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you. Our courses have been designed to push, and guide you towards seeking the most favorable outcome in a situation.

4. Self-Accountability- You accept responsibility for your growth and transformation. You are willing to listen, learn, take action, and follow through with the individualized curriculum that has been created for you. Our clients hold themselves accountable for putting their best effort towards the great change and transformation they desire in their lives.

Who Will Benefit from Our Services:

The Emerging Intuitive- Intuitives who are developing and honing their skills. They are delving deeper into their practice, becoming more in tune with their Higher Self, and strengthening their connection to Spirit. Emerging Intuitives are learning how to trust, embrace, and have more confidence in their natural gifts and talents. 

The Entrepreneurial Intuitive- Professional Intuitives currently using their gifts on the spiritual market. They are interested in using A.S.E. TOOLS for Intuitives as a guide to help grow their business and mentor Emerging Intuitives. 

The Senior Intuitive- Intuitives who have a spiritual practice, or are reconnecting to it. They are interested in becoming an Entrepreneurial Intuitive and have a strong desire to recreate and build their practice.


Available Products

In this free-source hub, I will be sharing free resources with you to assist you on your journey to living a more mindful, present, and aware lifestyle. Stay tuned for more freebies, updates, and coupons. We're just getting started!

R.D.P:Recognize Spiritual Attack

The R.D.P. Series

Recognize: Spiritual Attacks

Welcome to the R.D.P. course. We will focus on Recognizing spiritual attacks. The R.D.P. series is a collective body of works that aims to provide insight into some of the most common questions asked by modern-day empaths. The teachings are unconventional, however, they are very effective. We welcome you to learn, laugh, love, and graduate!

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