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Thank you so much for joining us. I am extremely excited to share a space with you where you are accepted and appreciated. Below you will find out more about our community. We look forward to sharing information with you!

A.S.E. Tools for Intuitives is a collection of books, journals, courses, workshops, lectures, and manuals created by Lulu Eye Love, a Practitioner of Intuitive Coaching and Consulting. Our doors are open to Emerging Intuitives, Entrepreneurial Intuitives, and Senior Intuitives from all walks of life and levels of ascension.

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The Free Source Hub

In this free-source hub, I will be sharing free resources with you to assist you on your journey to living a more mindful, present, and aware LuxE Lifestyle. Stay tuned for more freebies, updates, and coupons. We're just getting started! If you would like a specific resource let me know!

R.D.P: Sexual Imbalances

Join us for our R.D.P workshop on Sexual Imbalances at A.S.E. Tools for Intuitives. This workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn how to protect your pot of gold by exploring the power of sacral/sexxual energy. Designed to help you have a healthier sex life, our workshop provides valuable information on how to create boundaries that will safeguard your personal energy. Don't miss out on this transformative experience that will help you shine your brightest. Sign up now for the next live Workshop December 16, 2023 at 6:00 pm CST.

Star Player 101


Would you like to know what’s that #1 thing that made a difference for me… because it will likely make a difference for you in the future too!  

5 Ways to Master Your Love Language Course

This course is designed to assist you in getting to know yourself better. When we know who we are and how we operate there is a better chance for us to love ourselves and others. We create boundaries and enjoy life to the fullest when we release inhibitions surrounding love.

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