Star Player 101


By turning inward and creating a space to get in tune with your star-player you become more mindful, present, and aware. Doing so also leaves less to the imagination when it comes to your own souls journey in this lifetime. You will understand things from the perspective of being a spiritual being having a human experience. It is easier for you to notice when you are off track in life or when you have fallen off course a bit. You will be able to process your many processes with more gentleness, ease, and grace. Some of the rewards  are living a life with heightened conscious awareness, self-mastery, and live with a less attached attitude.


When we live an unconscious state of being it can make our journey seemingly complicated and leave us with more questions than answers. When we deny the connection to our star-player on a regular basis it can lead to a life of regrets. Regrets created by not simply following our intuition and missing golden opportunities.


Here are some of the ways you can get more in-tune with your star-player:


  • Meditate at least 2 x daily
  • Follow your gut as often as possible
  • Do your emotional to-do list regularly
  • Journal – automatic writing, dreams, thoughts, et cetera
  • Ground and protect energy center
  • Affirmations
  • Clear the mental clutter regularly
  • Check breathing patterns throughout the day
  • Slow down and enjoy your process without force or fear
  • Solfeggio frequencies or sounds that ease the soul back to center



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