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You will go on a  journey with this masterclass that will prepare you for a lifetime of work. This is not a class you can attend and walk out with your life sorted out. If you're committed to putting in the effort and rising to the position of authority in your family for rites of passage that involve healing in particular areas. This class is right for you. To help you get started, I've provided a ton of information and tools.

Love, Lulu

All Rights Reserved The House of Oshun , 2020 any reproduction or replication of this Masterclass will result in legal action

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Sneak Peek Inside

I've always been an observer of people and their experiences. In my own experiences and what led to the creation of this A.S.E. Tool I was amazed by the self-awareness it brought to the surface. As someone who feels on a very deep level the pain of others and my own pain, it was imperative that I create this tool. 

I repressed so much after adopting a particular way of thinking concerning relationships and how I interact with others throughout many years. It would be like putting together a puzzle or dissecting a unique creature when suppressed emotions would erupt.

For months on end, I would spend time dissecting entire events. examining my role in events, other people's roles, and the outcome of the encounter. I experienced a tremendous aha moment after fitting the puzzle pieces together and realizing better ways to control my emotions and show up in a more evolved way.

I began a cycle of self-motivation, self-study, and self-reflection after that. I came up with new means to communicate with myself and other people. I literally said yes to, ' Letting that hurt go!" Because I came to the realization that a lot of the ways I prefer to offer and receive love (or emotional support) are really keeping me from connecting with my true nature and enabling myself to open up to others in a more expansive way.

You will embark on a trip in this Masterclass where you will delve down into the pyramids of your being and shake off debris/residual energy that holds you imprisoned in your South Node or lower vibratory energies that will trigger a call to action unlike anything else.

We have so many factors that influence our behavior and interactions with ourselves as well as others which may take quite a while to resolve. The ways that we express ourselves to ourselves and to others in society are greatly influenced by our upbringing, programming, and other experiences throughout our lives.

The 5 Ways to Master Your Love Language is designed to assist you in your personal growth. This is an ideal class for those who are ready to self-reflect in a new way. 

This masterclass was created to be of service to individuals on the path of self-correction and self reflection. You will view your love language from a new perspective and create actionable steps to become a better lover, friend, or person overall. 

The ideal candidates for this course are:

  • People who want to alter the type of person they attract by examining what made them who they are and who they share an emotional connection with.
  • Those who are seeking treatment or counseling to resolve childhood difficulties and are adamant about altering their emotional interactions with others.
  • Entrepreneurial intuitives who collaborate with people to understand their behavioral patterns and develop an organized strategy to address difficult challenges include social workers, therapists, readers, psychologists, etc.
  • Those who are trying to improve themselves and draw higher caliber commitments and relationships to help them on their life's path
  • Caregivers who wish to conduct themselves in a more healthy manner toward their offspring, partners, and selves.
  • When it comes to issues of the heart, individuals, couples, the single and dating community, and everyone else may find advantage in widening their horizons.

The 5 Love Languages are reviewed in great detail in this A.S.E. Tool for Intuitives, which also allows the listener to follow along with a powerpoint note-taker. You can follow along in real time with the lessons thanks to the note-taker. Keep track of any thoughts, memories, or physical responses that the speaker's words have sparked in you.

I pray that you receive the insight and clarity you need to create a more loving relationship in relation to yourself, your family, and friends and overall your bloodline. 


All Rights Reserved The House of Oshun , 2020 any reproduction or replication of this Masterclass will result in legal action

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